1. admit 2. apply 3. approach n, v 4. argument 5. arrogant 6. attitude 7. avoid 8. battle 9. cause n, v 10. compare (with) 11. compromise 12. consider 13. consistent § consistency 14. consult § consultant 15. counsellor 16. disappoint § disappointment 17. dispute 18. eliminate § elimination 19. explore 20. fear 21. get back (at) 22. get in somebody’s shoes 23. get one’s own way 24. handle 25. honest § honesty 26. ignore 27. intervene 28. issue 29. jump at conclusions 30. negotiate § negotiations § negotiator 31. offer 32. outcome 33. priority 34. propose § proposal 35. reject 36. remain 37. remove § removal 38. resolve a conflict § resolution 39. root 40. rude § rudeness 41. solve (a problem) § solution 42. suggest 43. take the side (of) 44. talk down (to smb.) 45. tough 46. treat 47. upset 48. weak 49. win-win scenario 50. workload


I. How good are you at managing conflict? Answer the questions in the quiz below. Compare your score with the partner.

1. You are at a meeting. People cannot agree with each other. Do you

a. say nothing?

b. intervene and propose something new?

c. take sides with those you like?

d. suggest a ten-minute break?

2. Your two closest friends have an argument and stop speaking to each

other. Do you

a. behave as though nothing has happened?

b. bring them together to discuss the problem?

c. take the side of one and stop speaking to the other?

d. talk to each one separately about the situation?

3. You see two strangers. One begins to hit the other. Do you

a. pretend to be an off-duty police officer, and ask them what is

going on?

b. call the police?

c. shout at them “Stop!”?

d. walk away quickly?

4. Your neighbors are playing very loud music late at night. Do you

a. ask them to turn it down?

b. do nothing?

c. call the police?

d. play your own music as loudly as possible?

5. You are in the check-in queue at the airport. Somebody pushes in.

Do you

a. ask them to go to the back of the queue?

b. say nothing?

c. complain loudly to everyone about the people jump in queues?

d. report them to an airport official?

6. A colleague criticizes your work. Do you

a. consider carefully what they say?

b. ignore them?

c. get angry?

d. smile, but wait for an opportunity to get back at them?

Score your answers:

1. a. 2 b. 3 c. 1 d. 4

2. a. 2 b. 3 c. 1 d. 4

3. a. 3 b. 4 c. 2 d. 1

4. a. 4 b. 2 c. 3 d. 1

5. a. 4 b. 2 c. 1 d. 3

6. a. 4 b. 3 c. 1 d. 2

Give yourself the following results:

6-11you need to improve your conflict management skills

12-17you are quite good at conflict management in certain situations

18-22 you are good at conflict management in most situations

23-24you are excellent at conflict management. You should be working for

the United Nations


I. Use the correct form of these words or other words to complete the second